Vassilis Thom

Fashion Designer based in Athens, Greece.

It all began when I was a child and dreamed about making garments. My favorite activity was browsing around the stores when my mother took me out shopping with her, and later on sketching and planning all the things I had seen. The colors, the textures, and patterns gave my imagination the endless desire to one day create my own pieces, and with this dream I bring you Vassilis Thom.

Throughout the years, I tried different professions as I struggled to suppress my deep desire to not just sit in an office and perform simple tasks. I felt that I needed to do something beyond that, and that’s when I decided to work hard to begin my own fashion line back in 2013. This was my time, and I needed to make it count. So, I started designing my first pieces and defining what Vassilis Thom meant to me, which included simplicity, elegance, diversity and minimalism. My designs offer a fresh approach to every season and occasion, while also giving enough edge to stand out.

This road hasn’t always been smooth, but with my hard work I have been able to collaborate with TV shows, stylists, fashion magazines, websites, actors and high-ranked Greek singers. This enables me to think further into a world of creation that becomes a vortex and sweeps me into it, eventually sending me on my way out with even better ideas. My desire to strive, and become the best version possible of myself, are the main reason for always putting every single bit of my personality and creativity into each piece that you receive.